Monitor/track your cash inflows,
Plan your expenses.

Cash flow forecast creates a spreadsheet of your future incomes and expenses. In this way, you will see your expected inflows and expenses as well as the balance. You will know where you stand with your finances and also, you will be able to take appropriate actions to maintain your financial stability.
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Manage your finances so you don't run out of cash in your business.

Better budget planning

Plan your budget more accurately based on real cash flow data.

Quick problem recognition

Immediately identify problems such are late payments.


Clear insight into your current cash balance and better cash flow management will ensure your business stability.

Receivable management

Track/monitor and manage your receivables to ensure cash is flowing into your business as expected.

Increasing competitiveness

With effective cash flow monitoring and improved liquidity, you are in a better negotiating position with suppliers.

Time saving

All required information about cash flow and payments are available on your phone using our app, without need to write them down, remember them or call your accountant.

Financial review

The SEF LINK gives you an overview of your finances state. There is no need to call your accountant or to enter data into spreadsheets. Our application is linked to SEF. Costs that are not in e-invoices you enter once in the “Expected costs“ section and change them as needed.
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Track and charge fast

Send reminders and paying bill notices to those who haven't paid you on time in order to improve your billing.

See what obligations are due to you

What obligations are due for payment – invoices, salaries, loans, taxes… Track/monitor your obligations and deadlines in order to settle them on time.
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nedospele fakture

your overdue invoices

Tracking/monitoring invoices allows you to react on time and sell an overdue invoice to factoring company of the SEF LINK application and get your money fast.

We understand how budget is important in business. We also know how manual data entry in spreadsheets is time-consuming.

We understand how budget is important in business. We also know how manual data
entry in spreadsheets is time-consuming.

The most successful entrepreneurs plan a budget in their business so that they don’t end up in a situation where they run out of money and have to take loans.

They regularly collect bank statements and enter inflows and expenses in spreadsheets. They call their accountant if they need additional information about payments. They also write their expenses in notebooks and plan their investments.

Dealing with finances can be quite exhausting because it takes time. Also, there are
those who are not good with spreadsheets and numbers. That’s how we came up with the idea to create the SEF LINK application – to help you monitor your cash flow by giving you all the information about inflows and expenses at any time.

On your phone. So that you don’t have to manually enter this data in spreadsheet.
The SEF LINK is your financial assistant.

Other tools

Explore other possibilities provided by the SEF LINK application.

SEF and eInvoices

Track, approve and send eInvoices on your phone.
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Factoring financing

Sell invoice through the SEF LINK application and get money quickly.
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5 minutes.
That's how much you need.

In 5 minutes, download the application and get control of your finances and cash flow forecast with SEF LINK.
Try SEF LINK for 30 days for free. Cancel anytime.
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